Seasonal menu

Hors d'Oeuvres

Cannolo with herb goat cheese
Cannolo of crackers with 'Via Lattea' goat cheese with herbs and salad of flowers
€ 10,50
Visconti Hors D'oeuvres
Our cold cuts, quiche and pickled vegetables
€ 9,50
Panzanella with tuna
Vegetables from the kitchen garden with 'Bonito del Norte' tuna and diced bread
€ 12,00
Brisaola from Madesimo and Fatulì ice cream
Bresaola from Valchiavenna produced by Stefano Masanti and ice cream with Fatulì from the Val Saviore
€ 12,00
Mutton salad with pickled vegetable medley
Giant Bergamo mutton in salad with a medley of pickled vegetables from our kitchen garden
€ 12,00

First courses

Risotto with rabbit and lavender
Carnaroli rice with lavender flowers and home-made rabbit sauce
€ 12,00
Grandma Ida's casoncelli
Our family's traditional meat ravioli with butter, sage and pancetta
€ 10,50
Herby tortelli
Tortelli stuffed with costmary, Mascherpa from Valtorta and almonds
€ 12,00
Chilled cream with tomatoes from our kitchen garden, diced vegetables and Fontanella oil
€ 10,50
Fettuccine with lake fish sauce
Fresh pasta with borage from our kitchen garden and Lake Lario Coregone fish
€ 12,00

Main courses

Beef Tartare
Raw meat from the Micheli farm with capers from Salina
€ 14,00
Beef from cattle raised in Sotto il Monte with Cervia salt and grilled vegetables
€ 16,50
Courgette flowers
Flowers stuffed with Porcini Mushrooms and courgettes, with Formai de Mut gratin topping
€ 12,00
Beef in oil with polenta
Polenta made from our maize with beef lightly braised in oil
€ 14,00
Bundle of Prawns and Calamari
Prawns and Calamari duo
€ 16,00


Platter of cow's milk cheeses with our compotes € 11,00


Desserts of the House € 6,50