Our history

The presence of an inn where wine was served and a game of bowls dates back to the late 19th century. The first documents proving the existence of the trattoria are dated 1932. Leone Visconti, born in 1893 in the hamlet of Genestraro di Ambivere, married and father of 5 children, learned that the property in Via Umberto I, in the centre of the village, was up for sale: he bought it together with the adjoining land with the "right to take over the trattoria licence, for the price of thirty-eight thousand Lire" (as per the transcription of the Royal Office of Mortgages of Bergamo on 25th April 1932 X).
Leone Visconti and his wife Adelina Locatelli ran the trattoria until 1969: Leone looked after the cellar as well as the vines and the surrounding land; Adelina cooked the farmyard animals she bred herself and the many other dishes offered to guests every day as well as more elaborate meals on the occasion of the village celebrations.
In 1969 Leone left the house, the land and the trattoria licence to one of his sons. In 1992, the licence was transferred to Maria Fiorella who decided to completely renovate the premises whilst keeping the external appearance unchanged.